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The ball? Well, it’s rolling. March 27, 2010

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This is my “teaching English in Asia” blog. I know that everyone who does this starts just this blog, but I’m not doing it to stand out. There are a few reasons I decided to start this blog.

First of all because, lucky me, I have a huge support group, big biological family, big roller derby family, friends I’ve worked with, friends I’ve drunk and danced with, the works. There are a lot of people who, when hearing that I am leaving for South Korea have asked me to stay in touch. This is my staying in touch with everyone at once. Thank you for your interest.

Second, I have a college degree in a writing intensive subject. I am married to a fiction writer. All of this, and I’ve fallen out of the habit of writing.

Third, and by far most important, if I update my blog on a regular basis it requires that I do things worth reading about. Wether I’m in Namyangju, South Korea or in Dayton, Ohio I should be holding the bar high for myself. I don’t want to let years or months go by with nothing in them worth remembering. This blog will hold my daily activity to a standard.

Now that you know why I’ve chosen to write, this is what I’ll be writing about… (I love ellipses, deal with it) I, Mary Louise, will be moving with my husband, Doug, to Namyangju in South Korea at the end of April to teach English as a second language. We both have college degrees that, thanks to a rockin’ economy we use to work in retail. This simply will not do. We opened up our job search outside of Dayton, Ohio which is the epicenter of suck in the job market and looked all over the world. We decided that whoever finds a job first wins, that’s were we would relocate. South Korea was the first thing that came through, and for both of us. We are young, don’t have any kids or a mortgage so we can do whatever we want, including pack up and move to South Korea.

Of course in addition to the money we’ll be making, we get to go live abroad. I always wanted to live overseas and when I skipped study abroad in college due to the cost, I thought–with great heartbreak–I’d missed my chance. This is an adventure that I will get to remember and be proud of for the rest of my life. Even if I get there and hate it, it will be something that I can be proud of having done.

I have less than a month left in Dayton, Ohio. Less than a month to get my work visa, pack my apartment, eat bacon cheese burgers, sell my car, visit my grandmothers, go to the dentist… geeze louise, what am I doing blogging about it. I gots to bounce.

The title? Oh, a hagwon is a South Korean school that teaches English.


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