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Cougar alert January 29, 2011

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Yesterday, I made an 8 year old boy behave in such a disappointed way, a mixture of genuine surprise and derailed plans, by telling the class that I am married. It was like I’d told him Lotte World will be closed on his birthday.

One Response to “Cougar alert”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    you don’t know me, but my wife and I just moved to Namyangju-si and would really like to visit with other Americans….. if you are okay with that feel free to email me. We hopefully will have internet service from where we can iron out the details, should you not be scared away :-/ By the way, I found you through google-ing namyangju….. Hope we can visit sometime, as we are pleased there are other foriegners here in this city
    😉 I shall try to subscribe to this blog site so we can chat.

    Hoping this isn’t too weird,

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