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Hold on. Wait a minute Mr. Postman January 25, 2011

When I went to camp, my mommy sent me Cheez Ballz and Twizzlers. Now I live in South Korea and my mother sends me Pine Club salad dressing, Esther Price chocolates, and Twizzlers. I must be the camp counselor in charge of sophistication.

P.S. Mom, I sure would like some more Twizzlers. I’ll be sure not to share them with my students who, “just don’t know how to eat this.”


Be afraid. Be very afraid. August 25, 2010

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After sharing the aforementioned care package Twizzlers with my students, we played a last day of class game.

The secret word is, “Halloween.”
The clues are, “It’s scarey,” and “You get candy.”
The guess is, “Teacher?”


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